Zanpakuto Posting!

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Zanpakuto Posting!

Post by Zeria Iiyasei Goreroth on Sat Nov 08, 2008 3:58 am

Post your zanpakuto here, so we are able to archive what your weapon is. ^^


Sealed Appearance: The blade is black, split in two halves with a strong metal alloy combination of iron, silver, and diamond making it a very strong and durable weapon with a great cutting power. It also bears the rune symbols for nature and shadow, both engraved into the blade. The zanpakuto also has a “Z” shaped emblem attached to the hilt of it. Long grip, bound by cloth, with two roses carved into it, one red, and one blue.

Zanpaktou's Spirit
Spirit's Name: KitsuneKage
Spirit's Appearance:
Zanpaktou's Release Command: Nagurikorosu onoga hankou, KitsuneKage!
Zanpaktou's Released Appearance: KitsuneKage becomes sleek and quick moving, forming to the shape of a swift rapier with two strands of cloth trailing off of the grip. The roses are still engraved in the hilt and the blade is almost exactly like the sealed form, only much lighter and deadlier. When in shikai released state, the blue rose will gleam dully.
Zanpaktou's Element: KitsuneKage is predominantly a nature element, but it also wields the shadow element, allowing for a powerful combination.
Shikai Abilitiez:
* #1: Shizenkai no Geijutsu (Nature’s Art)= A mastery over elements of nature, like vines, flowers, and such. Zeria can move it where she pleases or grow things quickly where she wants, as long as the nature she’s manipulating is within a 100 ft span of her.
* #2: Kage no Nijuushin (Shadow Doppelganger)= A clone of Zeria formz within the shadowz in an identical likeness and is controlled by Zeria.

Zanpaktou's True Name: "Sorrow tears, gentle nature, shadow soul, break free, KitsuneKage!"
Zanpaktou's Final Released Appearance: KitsuneKage becomes a dual-wield of two identical black bladez like her original zanpakuto, but with strips of black cloth tailing off the end, and with reiatsu connecting to a black skateboard that forms underneath Zeria’s feet at will.

Bankai Abilitiez:
* #1: Shizenkai no Nijuushin (Nature Doppelganger)= A doppelganger of Zeria made out of plants will form and move as Zeria commands with her blade.
* #2: Vector Arrow= Thousands of arrows made of shadow race off her body and Zeria is able to manipulate them without even having to direct them with a body motion. She commands them with her mind. (refer to Medusa from the Soul Eater anime if you need a visual)
* #3: Kage no Suketoborudo= A skateboard of shadowz links to her bladez by a shadowy line of reiatsu, allowing her to move the skateboard with movements of her blades if she needs to. The board also can disappear and become part of her blades again when she doesn't want it anymore. This ability is mainly used with Vector Arrow to do a death slide along it as means of faster movement towards her opponent. (refer to Kid from soul eater ep 19[i think it is. if not, check 18], to see the death slide move)
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